Morning Commentary - 02/22/2019
WASDE 2018/19 US Balance Sheets Supportive to CBOT; Marketplace Crosses Fingers for US/China Trade Deal ** 6:30 AM CBOT Futures: Mar soybeans are up .50 of a cent at $9.115, Mar corn is up 1.25 cents at $3.7675 and Mar Chi wheat is unchanged at $4.865. ** AgResource Morning CBOT...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/31/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets set to finish the month of July firm with warm temperatures supporting prices today.  Corn is up 5 cents and soybeans are up 20 cents. Crop ratings came in yesterday at the top end of estimates with corn/soybean ratings steady from a week ago. The...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/30/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading higher overnight, led by strength in the wheat.  Corn is up 6 cents as of this writing with soybeans up 6 cents and wheat up 19. Friday’s CFTC report showed managed funds as net sellers of 874 contracts of corn to push the spec. short out...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/27/2018
HAPPY FRIDAY—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading mixed overnight following the sell-off from highs yesterday. August options expire today. CFTC commitment of traders will be out this afternoon with funds expected to show up as sizable buyers in corn, beans, and wheat. The spring wheat...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/25/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading mixed overnight with big gains in wheat following lower than expected yield checks on the spring wheat tour as well as another drop in EU wheat production estimates from Strategie Grains. $12 Billion in aid was announced yesterday to help...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/24/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading lower across the board overnight on a lack of threatening weather and better than expected corn/soybean ratings on the weekly crop progress report. Corn ratings were left unchanged at 72% good-to-excellent vs. 62% last year, while beans...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/23/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading mostly higher to start this morning as the theme of quiet trade on Sunday nights continues. Crop progress this afternoon is expected to show small declines again this afternoon from last week’s 72% good-to-excellent corn and 69%...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/19/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading with small losses overnight with small recoveries off the lows seen post-export sales. Export sales this morning for wheat were 300,000 MT (150-500 expected), corn 641,000 MT (300-600), new crop corn 774,500 MT (200-500), old crop soybeans...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/18/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading higher overnight with corn, soybeans, and wheat all seeing follow through after yesterday’s gains. The German Farm Assn. is the latest to cut German wheat crops, saying they could not put a number out, but it would be down significantly...
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Morning Bullet Points - 07/12/2018
GOOD MORNING—   MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Markets trading higher overnight following the push to new lows in corn/beans yesterday. Export sales out this morning for wheat came in at 136,400 MT (200-500,000 MT), old crop corn 402,100 MT (400-800), new crop corn 128,000 MT (250-550), old crop...
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